It’s safe to say that the phrase “I’m so busy” has slowly nudged it’s way into my most used vocabulary. Particularly over the last year as I’ve moved away from full time work, have gone freelance and am wearing a number of different ‘job title’ hats while continually working 60+ hour weeks there’s little wiggle room for ‘me time’, which I find so important. PHEW! And it’s not just me. As our social calendars get busier, our work nights get longer and sitting in traffic takes up a lot of our ‘spare’ time; everyone is simply ‘so busy!’.

Therefore; things that make life simpler and easier are extremely hard to come by. So, I embrace these things with open arms. As the saying goes: ‘Work smarter, not harder’. That’s why when I found out about the hair & beauty app Pretty Pronto I just knew it was something, that this time poor and beauty deprived girl needed in her life.



The app itself has been likened to the Air BNB & Tinder of the hair & beauty world; Free to use and extremely efficient. You can search, request and book any appointment, in any city,  in under a minute. And the best part is you don’t need to carry your diary around with you, to remember these appointments. The app does it all for you!

The benefits of registering on Pretty Pronto for business owners in the beauty/ hair industry are endless. You may not know this about me; but one of my freelance gigs is managing the social media accounts of an amazing haircare brand. From first hand experience, I know how important marketing and publicity can be in building your business and attracting new clientele. But I also know how much it can really cost; in not only money, but time! That’s why taking advantage of EASY & FREE exposure is ever so important! The Pretty Pronto app is completely FREE to list your business on. Making it a simple, no-brainer process for you to showcase your business & easily connect you with new & regular clients (like me) who want and need your services. All in just a few clicks!

Say so long to Google search & hello Pretty Pronto!


In order to use the app, all you need to do is download it from the app store (here)Start by selecting the type of service you are looking for from the following categories; Hair, Eyebrows/ Lashes, Spray Tan, Makeup, Skin/Body Treatments and Other Beauty. Browse the registered businesses in your area, who specialise in your desired category. This is a treat, if you are visiting a new area and need to connect with a new beauty business fast. You can click on their profiles to read-up on their business and view photos of their work and salon (it’s all about the aesthetics). Once you have found the perfect fit, you can make contact with your chosen business by either choosing; ‘ASAP’ or ‘SPECIFY’ a day & time that works into your schedule. It’s that easy!

Get downloading, get listed & start connecting !